Community & Charity

In the heart of SKID's mission lies a profound commitment to supporting the welfare of children battling diseases worldwide. Our choice to dedicate a substantial portion of our total token supply to charity reflects our belief in the transformative power of collective action. We see every SKID token holder not just as an investor, but as a contributor to a global cause.

SKID is built on the foundation of community - every individual participating in our journey plays a crucial role. It is this community that helps decide the direction of SKID's philanthropic efforts. Each holder's voice is heard, and each vote counts. We use the power of decentralization to ensure our community is always at the forefront, steering our charitable work.

As we reach each significant milestone, we unlock a donation potential that grows exponentially. These milestones mark not only our growth as a token but more importantly, an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children. At each of these points, we release a portion of the locked tokens for donations. Our community votes on deserving charities, ensuring transparency and collective decision-making.

For instance, when we reach a market cap of 1 billion USD, the potential value of SKID tokens allocated for donations could reach up to 83,330,000 USD! This tremendous impact we can make together is the driving force behind SKID.

We firmly believe in the power of memes to bring about real change, encapsulated by the inspiring story of Success Kid. Just as the meme was a beacon of positivity and strength, SKID aims to become a beacon of hope for children around the world. By engaging with SKID, you aren't just participating in a project, you're contributing to a cause.

With every SKID token, we strive to create a legacy - a success story born from the collective power of a community, a testament to how the world of memes and digital currencies can extend beyond the realms of humor and investment, making a tangible impact on the real world.

Join us in our journey as we redefine the power of memes, one token at a time. Let's create success stories, together.


$1 million market cap: Donation Value = $83,333

$10 million market cap: Donation Value = $833,333

$50 million market cap: Donation Value = $4,166,666

$100 million market cap: Donation Value = $8,333,333

$500 million market cap: Donation Value = $41,666,666

$1 billion market cap: Donation Value = $83,333,333

SKID Coin puts charity at the forefront. At each milestone, a portion of 83,333,333,333,333 SKID tokens in the charity wallet will be converted into fiat currency and donated to charities chosen by the community. Here are the donation amounts projected at each market cap milestone: